Sorting machines / Technology

Automatic checking and sorting machine SIMET is and automatic machine designed for the defect detection on surfaces and 100 µm under surface of bearing ball. The detection is simultaneously carried out by three sensors: electro-optical, vibration and eddy current sensor. Follow the images below and read the description to understand how these pieces cooperate together.

Bridges Assembly

Bridge the assembly.

Eddy Current Sensor (connected to ECT unit)

The advantages of ECT module consist in the possibility of analyzing both the defect signal amplitude and phase. Thus the signal of some types of defects can be highlighted against the other types or the material noise caused by the non-homogeneity of its electric and magnetic conductivity due to defects in the crystal lattice.

Electro Vibration Sensor (connected to EOT unit)

EVT test is used only to reject large shape defects which could disturb the regularity of the ball rolling and cause not scanning of the entire surface by ECT and EOT sensors. The sorting sensitivity level is set up using the arrow push-buttons.

Electro-Optical Sensor (connected to EOT unit)

Sensitivity level is calibrated directly in percent of the reflected light drop due to a defect (0 up to 100%). Depending on the processing quality and soiling of the surface, the defect resolution is from 2% of the reflected light drop.

Feeding finger.

Feeds the finger.